About the company

  • Dear company Address: First LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD sends greetings, greetings cooperation and development to customers. As an experienced company operating in the post and telecommunications sector. LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD is proud to be the company customers rated speed receiver, play "fast" leading in the field of courier materials, goods in International Convention and served with the motto "Get from sending text reference arm, hand-delivered to who did receive ".
  • I. The services are provided.

    1. Courier Domestic

    1.1 Services Courier normal (CPN).

    Customers send in the period from 8am to 17gio30 today the recipients of the customer will receive from 9h to 17h following day in the inner city, inner city, the suburbs and outskirts, at time of majority is 48gio.


    - Receive follow-timer:

    Vietnam Spark layout staff to receive transactions with clients mailer day from Monday to Saturday. Depending on the amount of mails per day that the number of transactions and personnel transport vehicles were mobilized accordingly, to ensure complete and accurate recognition.