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  • Founded in 1907 with the first precursor messenger company in the United States, UPS has now developed into a large-scale corporations worldwide. Focus on the objective of strengthening global trade, UPS has expanded on many national markets, today reminded consumers to UPS to think of a global company with one of the titles are trademarks the most famous in the world in the field of freight.
  • Service delivery is saving the service pack LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD which transport costs are a maximum savings while maintaining quality and delivery time.

    - LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD committed delivery at the address and sender-delivered to the recipient's address in the range of transceiver LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD .

  • Services courier service LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD received from the sender address of parcels, documents, goods allow state transportation and delivery to the recipient's address in the commitment period on the issue LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTDD of the light rays.