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Courier international

The items receiving LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD

- Electronics: Computers, phones, camcorders, music players, computer games, film projectors, home audio system, sound system studio, musical instruments .... 

- Housewares: Clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, pottery, glassware, toys, ... 

- Documents, student records, records settlers, Letter from ... 

- Baggage 

- Samples (textiles, wood, cloth, ...) 

- Goods returned damaged foreign goods repair, warranty goods, goods temporarily imported for re-export, ... 

- Gifts for loved ones, friends, souvenirs .. 

- Every container (cont 20 ', 40 cont') 

- LCL (sea, air) 

- Every container; 

- Customs brokerage. 

- ...... 

The package courier service LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD is available at: 

To meet the needs of domestic courier TNT and growing international customer, LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD constantly expand the scope of delivery and diversify the types of services we are providing for visitors Product package courier service TNT follows: 

- Services for the specific date and time; 

- Added service delivery; 

- Additional service options; 

- Courier services specified time; 

- Freight services; 

- Services for special handling. 

Transit time: 

- For documents sent Asia some time from 1-2 days to Europe, America takes about 3-4 days. TNT Courier 

- For goods sent Asia some time from 1-3 days to Europe, America 3-5 days time. 

- A number of countries in the Middle East shipping time of 4-6 days. 


LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD products by LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD . You will not have to worry about going to matter where the recipient to receive the goods, we will delivery at the address of the recipient, the recipient will not have to go to any post office of TNT to receive your goods. 

Forms of payment shipping charges with LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD

To make it easy for customers to pay shipping charges LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD, we pay shipping charges for multiple forms of payment convenience for customers such as: 

- Transfer; 

- Direct payment. 

Ensure some benefits to customers: 

Send goods via courier service LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD client's bill of lading will be issued and is genuine discounts the current price of TNT. We constantly monitor and report the results for each delivery customers consultancy update rules of international freight, ... We will support most of some procedures and associated services other. 

- Receiving and delivery or receipt / delivery at the airport; 

- Shipping time deal; 

- How fast customs clearance procedures; 

- Route Forwarding transparency with evidence of delivery; 

- Commitment to ensure the safety of goods and delivery time; 

- Coverage of 100% of the value of goods if loss or damage occurs.