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Enter the international banking

The non-tradable goods LIGHTVIET EXPRESS CO.,LTD received international import: 

1. Gifts and donations from organizations and individuals to send overseas organizations and individuals Vietnam; organizations and individuals in Vietnam sent to organizations and individuals in foreign countries; 

2. Goods of diplomatic missions, international organizations in Vietnam and those who work in the agency, this organization; 

3. Goods humanitarian aid; 

4. Goods temporarily imported for temporary export of the individual State Vietnam for tax exemption; 

5. Samples of non-payment; 

6. Occupational tools, media work for temporary export and temporary import of agencies, organizations of exit, entry deadline; 

7. Movable assets of organizations and individuals; 

8. Personal baggage entry submitted under the bill of lading, cargo and personal effects of immigration exceeds the tax-exempt. 

  Customs dossiers for non-commercial imported goods: 

1. Papers to be submitted include: 

- The declaration of export goods, non-commercial imports: 02 originals; 

- Bill of lading (unless otherwise carry goods exceeding the duty-free quotas): 01 copy; 

- Power of attorney (if authorized others): 1 original; 

- Declaration of humanitarian aid certification by the competent authority in case of import of humanitarian aid: 01 originals; 

- Decision or notice of the police information that allows individuals residing in Vietnam is allowed to return to settle in Vietnam; Vietnam passport or passport substitute papers Vietnam has permanent value of water, stamped verify the immigration authorities at immigration gate 01 together with a notarized copy of the original for comparison (16/2008/TT- Circular No. 02 dated 13 January 2008 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the import, temporary import of two-wheel motorcycle for non-commercial purposes); 

- Text of the State agencies competent to allow transfer of assets from foreign organizations in Vietnam: 01 copies; 

- The license for the import of goods (in case of import prohibited goods, import goods conditions): 01 originals; 

- Certificate of Origin (if applicable): 01 originals; 

- Inform decision or agreement or gifts and donations of goods: 01 copies; 

Other Papers, depending on each specific case in accordance with law to be. 


2. Papers to be presented include: 

- Notice of receipt of goods transport agencies (except where goods and personal effects exceeding the tax-exempt); 

- Contract signed with the customs agent; 

- Book of duty-free quota diplomatic missions, international organizations, foreign people working in agencies, organizations. 


3. Records to determine the imported goods for the purpose of trade is not subject to tax records of customs regulations. 

  Customs declaration: 

1. Declare customs declarants and customs filing. The customs office reception, registration and detailed inspection records. Enter non-trade goods internationally 

2. Form, check the actual level of exports and imports of non-commercial comply with inspection principles prescribed in the Customs Law and Decree 154/2005/ND-CP, due Leadership Department Customs decision. 

Private goods entitled to under the regime of privileges and immunities shall comply with the provisions of Article 38 of Decree 154/2005/ND-CP. 

3. Taxes, fees and other amounts payable to comply with the provisions of the current law. 

4. Clearance for non-tradable goods 

- The sign and seal "customs procedures" on the customs declaration by customs officers at the final stage of implementation. 

- As for exports, imports, the conditional sign and seal certified "customs procedures completed" by the Leadership Department implemented. 

Customs procedures are completed, the goods after customs clearance on the job is done.